All-natural plant and potato fiber is the secret to Solani

Solani is made from natural plant and potato fiber to work with your body. There are no wacky ingredients that will make you feel jittery. No crazy highs, no crashes—just safe, natural weight loss.

The plant and potato fiber in Solani is not absorbed or digested by the body. The soluble, bulk-forming fiber provides you with a full feeling that allows you to be satisfied with smaller portions during meals and to stay satisfied after meals. This can help you naturally change your eating habits, which can lead to substantial weight loss over time.

Solani contains no caffeine, ephedra, gluten, wheat, corn, nuts, peanuts, milk, soy, sugar, salt, or yeast.

Solani is suitable for vegetarians

The proprietary blend of plant and potato fiber includes potato starch (Amylum solani), sunflower oil (Oleum helianthus), and titanium dioxide (food pigment). The capsules are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (a food-grade cellulose) rather than gelatin, making Solani suitable for vegetarians.

Suggested use